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21st Feb 2021

i love the introvertness of his videos.

<iframe src="">

his later videos are more refined.

05th Jan 2021

Hari ini aku telah tertinggal solat zohor rasanya. Aku buat solat qada zohor selepas solat asar tadi.

06th Oct 2020

Sleep forever my site at 000webhostapp.

24th Sep 2020

i left my phone at a restaurant but manage to retrieve it back. alhamdulillah

21st Sep 2020

Done conveying my wish to the two people that mattered.

21st Sep 2020

Light & air conditioning is not working at the office today.

18th Aug 2020

I have to accept the reality of that i could never become a copy of another person due to different starting line circumstances (or parameters?).

18th Aug 2020

I just realised that i want to be a carbon copy of somebody that i see or read on the internet. somebody successful. thus become stress and hate myself for my past decisions.

18th Aug 2020

it escaped my mind

18th Aug 2020

I need to form a new habit since I don't want to mess my neocities site anymore. Read the Quran then?

22nd Jul 2020

and I can't fight this feeling anymore ... #midlifecrisis

10th Jul 2020


aku beralasan lagi

10th Jul 2020

Today, i left my phone at home.

19th Jun 2020

Hari ini tercatat aku tidak hadir solat Jumaat

07th Jun 2020

Bosan tak sudah. 

03rd Jun 2020

today "it" happened again

18th May 2020


25th Feb 2020

I am bored. Really i am. 

05th Jan 2020

What is the next action?

04th Jan 2020

Sebenarnya aku dah bosan.

08th Oct 2019

When I am bored, I force myself to write here.

26th Sep 2019's UI is much cleaner and minimalistic than

26th Sep 2019

Yes here we go again

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